På andra sidan månen

Le Ronk says:
Von Braun says:
Le Ronk says:

skicka en nakenbild först
Von Braun says:
jag har viktigare saker för mej
Le Ronk says:
Von Braun says:
Filar på mailet till svenska fotbollsförbundet
Le Ronk says:
sluta nu, för fan
kanalisera adhd:n i nåt viktigt istället
Von Braun says:
som vadå!?
Iofs blir mailet skit, så jag borde väl göra det antar jag.
Le Ronk says:
den där självmordsgrejen


  1. http://www.meingrosserkredit.club/

    I loooooove love LOVE this photo, Katyha! So awesome. You guys are too funny, haha!& I love your blanket! Super pretty.You must do this in five more years!! :) hehe.How have you been? How was your presentation? I’ve been missing from the blogworld lately! Ah!

  2. http://www.zumguenstigenkredit.pw/

    I wasn’t shocked, so much as embarrassed. I don’t care what people do for their own personal entertainment and I’m all about freedom, but I wasn’t expecting this (what I thought was regular) rp tavern event to turn into an x rated erp event.

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